The Burger’s Priest | Review

Guess who’s back on her blog?!

After about a year or so procrastinating — I’m finally back on my blog and I’m so excited to share all of what’s going on in my life with you!

This weekend, the boyfriend and I decided to go on a day date to Port Credit and low-key catch some Water Pokémon on the Pokémon GO app. We’ve heard a lot about The Burger’s Priest from friends and how it’s a must-have when you’re in the area. We were so excited to FINALLY give it a try and here’s what we thought!

The Burger's Priest in Port Credit, Mississauga

The Burger’s Priest in Port Credit, Mississauga

Location: 129 Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga ON


Price Range (out of 5): $$$$

As I stated before, I really wanted to try The Burger’s Priest pretty much since it arrived to Mississauga but I never found time to go there (ironic since I spend 95% of my time in Mississauga).

Anyways, TBP opened at 11:30am that day and we got there around 12pm. It wasn’t too busy yet but there were a few tables of people scattered throughout the restaurant. There was no lineup when we got there but we did need a few minutes to figure out what we wanted. The board next to the cash till had the basics that we saw on their website but it’s their Secret Menu (also on their website) that gives The Burger’s Priest the edge among all of the other gourmet burger joints.

The Menu Board @ The Burger's Priest

The Menu Board @ The Burger’s Priest

Once we figured out what we wanted, the staff was quick and helpful in taking our order and it was about a 15 minute wait from the time we placed our order to the time we got our actual food. The price was reasonable for gourmet burgers and well worth it when you want to treat yourself every once in a while.

Aww yess

Aww yess

The Burger’s Priest DEFINITELY lives up to it’s reputation. The burger quality was great and the servings were very generous.

Geoff's Order: Bacon Double Cheeseburger

Geoff’s Order: Bacon Double Cheeseburger

My order: High Priest w/ no onions, sub tomatoes

My order: High Priest w/ no onions, sub tomatoes

The Burger's Priest's Cheese Fries

The Burger’s Priest’s Cheese Fries

The Cheese Fries were covered in the melted cheese and was a perfect side to our order. Geoff seemed to enjoy his Bacon Cheeseburger, opting for a more simple burger that wouldn’t be too overwhelming with taste. The High Priest is similar to a Big Mac but the secret sauce packs a lot more flavour.

Both burgers were juicy and because of the patties, fell apart a lot easier than other burgers after the first few bites.


Not bad for my first The Burger’s Priest experience. It’s definitely pricey but perfect for those once-in-awhile splurge moments. We felt stuffed after so we recommend going on a bit of an empty stomach to be able to enjoy every bite!

Have you made a visit to The Burger’s Priest? Which menu items have your ordered and which ones did you enjoy? Share your experience in the comments!

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