Hi friends! I’m Cyrille Antonio, a 20-something Broadcast Journalism graduate from Sheridan College. I’m a self-starting and enthusiastic Marketing Professional and Social Media Influencer with a focus on digital content. Extremely passionate in building relationships with clients, partners and other brands — I create digital content marketing strategies which will go above and beyond company objectives. I’m well-versed in the customer needs and identifying market trends to create successful marketing campaigns in print and online media. With a strong presence on several social media platforms, I actively keep up-to-date with the evolving world of Web.

I am currently a Digital Content and Marketing Coordinator for the Zanchin Automotive Group‘s Acura Division and a freelance Social Media Consultant for Nerd North Media.

I’ve created content for a variety of clients and employers and, in the past, I worked as a Web and Production intern for Space Channel. You can check out my blog entries for them here!

I hope that one day I can work for a Marketing Company or create my own company to help grow small businesses and teach them the importance of creating brand awareness.

I’m a social media and tech geek and you’ll never find me without my phone. I appreciate a good selfie and if you think you look good, I’m not stopping you. So selfie-haters, beware!

Loves include: Harry Potter, Batman, Doctor Who, really good guacamole and watching too much reality TV. If I’m not on my phone, I’m probably channeling my inner Rory Gilmore and reading a book.

If you want more information on me, head over to my LinkedIn profile.


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